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OD Show of The Month APR | 2023

Title: The Great Soul Food Cook-Off

Genre: Cooking Competition, Reality

Where to Watch: OWN, Discovery+, HBO Max


Why It's a Must Watch

Are you a fan of cooking competition shows? Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with watching contestants battle it out to create the perfect dish? If so, then "The Great Soul Food Cook-Off" is the show for you! This competition celebrates the rich history and culture of soul food while showcasing the immense talent of Black chefs from around the country.

Hosted by the talented Kardea Brown, the show features judges like Miss Melba Wilson, owner of the legendary restaurant Melba's in New York City, and Eric Adjepong, a personal favorite finalist from Top Chef whose specialty lies in West African Cuisine. In each episode, eight chefs go head to head in a down-home hot water cornbread throwdown competition to win $50,000.

But this show is much more than just a competition. It's a celebration of Black joy, delicious food, and inspirational stories. The chefs on the show each have a different approach to soul food, whether it's simplicity and preservation or innovation and pushing boundaries. Each person's vision is valid and supported on the show.

One of the best things about "The Great Soul Food Cook-Off" is that it touches on the colonization of the kitchen through the stories of the chefs. Being Black in the culinary world is still challenging despite Black folks' historical inspiration behind great dishes we know and love. The show recognizes the worth of the competitors, who are not competing for a white audience. Instead, they are fighting for something specific to them, and they are not heralded as a representation of a race but as a representation of their own narrative and goals.

Cooking competitions need to take an example from "The Great Soul Food Cook-Off" because it gives flowers to being yourself. The show appreciates the specialty in others and what makes them different. It brings critique and doesn't question the worth of someone who doesn't fit into a box in their head. Shows like this are important because they celebrate representation in all of its forms.

"The Great Soul Food Cook-Off" is the cooking competition show that you never knew you needed. It's a collaboration with OWN and Discovery+, and it brings elevated soul food to the forefront in a well-thought-out cooking competition. It's seasoned by the ancestors and provides a great balance of traditional and modern soul food cooking sprinkled with historical tidbits and cultural vignettes not usually highlighted in traditional mainstream cooking shows. You can catch the entire show streaming now on OWN, Discovery+, and HBO Max.

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