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100 DAY


Best Oil For Natural Hair Growth

Achieving results from our products is a process that requires consistency, and we will never claim that you will see results instantly. Our products are made only from natural ingredients so time and patience are necessary to experience their full benefits. Some people experience benefits in two weeks, while others may take two months or more, but we are adamant that if you use our products properly for at least 90 days, you will see improvements in your hair.


We're truly committed to our customers' satisfaction. So, if in the rare event that you don't see any improvements to your hair within a 90-day period, here are the simple steps to take to validate and claim your money back for your purchase.

Step 1

Take a photo of your hair or area of hair that you seek to improve and email us ( ) the photo within 10 days of receiving your products. Without this step, your money-back claim will be null and void as we want to discourage the small percentage of people abusing the system by taking photos only a few days apart.

Step 2

Follow the regimen(s) for your specific hair needs found on our How To Use page. Incorporate these regimens in your hair routines consistently for at least 90 days. Seeing results will vary for every individual, but consistency is key to maximizing the full benefits of our products' natural ingredients.

Step 3

If you don't see any improvements in your hair after using our products for 90 days, then take another picture using similar lighting and composition from the photo sent in when you first received your order. Email us ( ) the photo and complete the form below to begin the claims process.


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