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OD Book of The Month AUG | 2023

Title: Homegoing

Author: Yaa Gyasi

Genre: Fiction

Published: 6/7/2016

Orisha Drip Book of the Month


Why It's a Must Read

Yaa Gyasi's novel 'Homegoing' is a powerful and emotional saga that traces the interconnected histories of two branches of a family, one descended from an Asante queen in Ghana and the other from a captured African slave in America. Gyasi explores the legacy of slavery and its impact on successive generations of the family through a series of interconnected stories.

The structure of this book is one of its most distinctive features. Each chapter focuses on a different character, beginning with the queen and the slave and progressing to their descendants. This structure not only allows Gyasi to explore a wide range of experiences and perspectives, but it also serves as a powerful metaphor for how slavery's legacy continues to shape and influence African Americans' lives.

Gyasi's characters are complex and fully realized, and the writing in 'Homegoing' is beautiful and evocative. She expertly blends historical and fictional elements to create a rich and immersive reading experience.

Furthermore, Gyasi shows how slavery and racism continue to have an impact on the lives of her characters. The characters in 'Homegoing' are constantly confronted with the legacy of slavery and its ongoing effects, from the horrors of the Middle Passage and the brutal conditions of antebellum plantation life to the ongoing struggles for civil rights and equality in the present day.

'Homegoing' is a deeply moving and thought-provoking book that provides a poignant and powerful exploration of slavery's legacy and its continuing impact on African Americans. Anyone interested in history, race, or the human experience should read it.

About The Author

Yaa Gyasi is a Ghanaian-American author who was raised in Huntsville, Alabama. Gyasi earned her bachelor's degree in English from Stanford University and her master's degree in creative writing from the University of Iowa. She has received numerous awards for her writing, including the John Leonard Prize from the National Book Critics Circle and the PEN/Hemingway Award.

In addition to 'Homegoing,' Gyasi has published the novel 'Transcendent Kingdom,' which was released in 2020 and was a National Book Award finalist.

Gyasi's work frequently explores themes of identity, family, and cultural heritage, and she has been praised for her ability to create rich, complex characters as well as the depth and insight of her storytelling. She is considered a rising star in the literary world and her work is widely admired by readers and critics alike.

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