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5 Protective Hairstyles that Embrace Your Natural Curls & Kinks

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

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Protective styles are an important element of maintaining healthy hair. They should be in every natural hair wearer's style rotation, regardless of the season. They shield hair from freezing winds, rain, snow, and frosty air during the winter months. If you like water activities during the summer, protective styling will keep you safe from the sun, wind, and water. Different weather conditions cause the hair to expand and contract, causing the fibers to wear down and weaken the hair. This leads to damage over time and, in many cases, length loss. Protective hairstyles keep hair healthy and allow for visible hair growth and ultimately are designed to reduce the stress caused by external elements on natural hair. These 5 stylings serve to protect your ends by covering them from potential damage.


Bantu Knots

Many black ladies love this basic and gorgeous appearance as a non-installation protective style. They are created by winding your hair over itself until it produces a knot that looks like a stack of tires. It is widely used in nighttime routines to retain longer lasting and more defined curly styles for both natural and relaxed hair."


Cornrows are a popular natural protective hairstyle. They are created by braiding pieces of hair that are normally neatly attached to the scalp. A cornrow is similar to a plait, however, it is connected to your scalp. Cornrows can also be used as a foundation for various hairstyles. Some hairstyles, such as crochet braids and sew-in weaves, require that natural hair be braided into cornrows. They're often braided into designs based on how the hair will be worn. 

Closures & Frontals

Closures and frontals are hairpieces that blend in with your skin to give the appearance that your natural hair is coming from your scalp rather than a wig or weave. In any season, you can mix up your style while keeping all of your natural hair hidden away from the elements.

Passion Twists

Passion twists are a protective style that has grown in popularity in recent years. The hairstyle is a variation of the Senegalese twists, and it seems to be a wilder, non-uniform version of the twists. Many people compare passion twists to goddess locs because they both have a beautifully untamed appearance. Some people confuse passion twists with Senegalese twists or goddess locs, but they are not the same style. They are, instead, a hybrid of these two styles.

Box Braids

Box braids are separate plaits split by little squared-off portions or boxes. Box braids may be any width or length, although most women add length, texture, and volume to the braid with real or synthetic hair. Because these braids are not tied to the scalp like cornrows, they may be managed into a variety of styles. The style might take a long time to create, but the end result is stunning and often lasts for months.


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